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Read topics related to healthy food, ideology of Pakistan, philanthropy and traditions.

Success Stories

Daachi Foundation is proud to share the success stories of crafts-men associated with it. Daachi Foundation has been a platform from where a number of craftsmen and entrepreneurs, have been able to establish their businesses and have gained good recognition in the local market


Daachi Tuamgah focuses on wholesome preferably organically grown food. Any thing detrimental to health such as sodas, broiler chicken Msg are not be permitted at all. Traditional cuisine from various parts of Pakistan will be served.


Most health and environmental problems arise when we lose our connection with nature. If we continue polluting ourselves and our surroundings, we will very soon be facing backlash from the environment and grave health issues. To reverse our deterioration, we need to simplify de clutter and reconnect with nature. Sabz daira is about restoring that connection