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Daachi Village

Vision of the site

- Such building practices which are sustainable (e.g. energy efficiency, use of non-toxic materials, recycling of black water) will be a major component of the built environment.
- The project will ensure that it is self sustainable and able to meet its running expenses.
- Daachi will be totally financed by the people of Pakistan and not rely on any foreign or multi-national funding.
- Daachi will promote a healthy life-style with focus on alternate methods of healing.
- Cuisine served at Daachi food court will be whole-some natural freshly cooked, local cuisine. No processed food and aerated drinks will be served here.

Site Components

  • Craft bazaar
  • Tuam Gah
  • Gosha e Alwan
  • Daachi sabzdaira
  • Daachi Gidaan
  • Workshop area
  • Residential quarters
  • Masjid