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Daachi Foundation, a non-profit organization has been setup in 2010, by a team of dedicated volunteers to guard and promote our heritage . In this short span of time Daachi Foundation has earned recognition and appreciation, not only from the craftsmen and entrepreneurs; but also from the potential clients who are anxiously awaiting our next event. Through our exhibitions and entrepreneurs, some of whom have used it as a platform to establish their business.
We now wish to set up a permanent place for our artisans village. Our land of 28 kanals is situated about 8 km from Thokar Niaz Baig. This centre will be designed with natural materials, and embellished with crafts from all over Pakistan so it truly represents the eclectic Pakistani folk architecture.


To guard and promote our cultural heritage, ideology and environment; by sponsoring our indigenous craftsmen/artists and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Promote craftsmen and provide income opportunities to them

Free stalls to sell their products on rotational basis

Workshops to upgrade and promote crafts will be conducted.

Arrange micro-credit loans, free of interest for the craftsmen

Celebrate the Culture & Ideology of Pakistan

  • ¬†Inculcate a sense of pride in people in their own identity.
    Promote culture through crafts, folk music and traditional cuisine.
    Educating people about our history and origin by staging plays and performances.
    Celebrating our national days and cultural festivals.
    Uniting craftsmen from all over the country on one platform.

Promote a Sustainable Life

  • Construct buildings using sustainable materials.
    Reduce the energy loads to a minimum.
    Recycling the black water and conserving its use.
    Sell sustained project to meet the running expenses.
    Locally funded project with no reliance on foreign aid.

Promote Young Entrepreneurs & Artists

  • Creating a platform to display and sell their products.
  • Charging them a very low percentage of their sale.
  • Nominal costs per stall.

Health & environmental Awareness

  • ¬†Promote healthy lifestyle by introducing fresh prepared wholesome cuisine.
    Curb the usage of plastic and non-biodegradable materials.
    Educate children to adopt healthy lifestyle, through seminars and documentaries on health & environmental issues

Tax Exemption